General Manager: Davor Užbinec

Davor Užbinec, former general manager of the Cedevita Zagreb, has been part of the story of the development of KK Cedevita Zagreb from the very beginning. In 2005, he was appointed a member of the club’s board, and in 2015, he took over as General Manager. He came to this position with rich business experience in the field of logistics, transport and distribution, and held leading positions in companies such as Lagos, Lura and Atlantic Grupa. Even before taking up his professional position at KK Cedevita Zagreb, he diligently developed the club, focusing on the younger categories and the basketball school, which today unites more than a thousand children. As general manager of the club, he provided all the necessary organizational prerequisites for the sporting successes that followed. He relied on the club’s tradition and ambition of “fair play” and business. Davor Užbinec is one of the most deserving of the exceptional reputation that KK Cedevita Zagreb enjoys in international and European contexts.

Tel.: +386 41 244 444


Chechu Mulero worked for almost two decades in Valencia Basket, where he was part of the club in various roles. After being part of the team’s coaching staff as assistant coach between 2004 and 2014, he took the position of sports director in 2014.

In this role, he won the title of EuroCup champion (2019) and Spanish national champion (2017) with Valencia, in 2017 Valencia finished the EuroCup in second place, and in the same year Mulero was also selected as the best sports director in the ACB League. He said goodbye to Valencia, which in the last six years of his term as sporting director, appeared in the elite Euroleague four times, in 2023

In the role of assistant head coach, where he was part of the coaching staff of various coaches, including Pablo Laso, Neven Spahija, Svetislav Pešić and Velimir Perasović, he won two EuroCup championships (2010, 2014) in the period between 2004 and 2014. once he finished the competition in second place (2012). Mulero also led Valencia in 17 games as head coach, and the team recorded nine wins and eight losses.

Mulero started his coaching career in 1986 in the youth selections of the Forum Valladolid, and in the 2002/03 season he also led the senior’s team in the Spanish national championship in 11 matches. Between 2003 and 2004, he was part of the coaching staff of the Spanish national team under the age of 20, and he spent the 2003/04 season in Malaga, where he was an assistant coach to Laso and Sergio Scariolo at Unicaja.

Technical Director: Krešimir Novosel

Krešimir Novosel, the son of the legendary coach Mirko Novosel, is the former director of the Cedevita Zagreb Basketball Club, where he worked for eight years, after concluding his basketball career in Cedevita. From Zagreb’s offices, in 2015, the path led him to the position of ABA League director. Novosel has been the main operative of the regional competition until this year.

In KK Cedevita Olimpija, Novosel acts as technical director, and his main tasks will be related to communication with the management of various competitions, in which the member team of Cedevita Olimpija will play in the coming seasons, and at the same time he will be responsible for everything according to the guidelines and rules of competitions, both international and domestic.


Tel.: +386 31 810 609

Finances: Nataša Peternelj

Phone: +386 [0]51 605 060

Marketing: Matic Lisac

Phone: +386 [0]31 810 904

Marketing and ticketing: Nika Gašparac

Phone: +386 [0]31 810 914

Public Relations: Igor Jagić

Phone: +385 91 233 0218

Public Relations: Tine Ružič

Phone: +386 [0]40 705 424 or + 386 [0]31 810 896

Staff: Matej Borkovič

Phone: +386 [0]41 407 263

Staff: Frenk Mirnik

Phone: +386 [0]41 323 381

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